• Outside sheltered BBQ

    Frequently utilized part of the Guest-house premises is a gazebo, which is also equipped with outside seating and sheltered BBQ and fireplace. In addition to other bonuses that are being included in the rate, also free BBQ in this area is available. Clients love to use also the outside sitting, either just to enjoy a couple of drinks or for playing some board games. Thanks to electric lighting it is possible to sit there comfortably late into the night.

  • Bar with a fireplace in the basement

    The price includes the breakfast, which is served in this beautiful bar. Near the Guest-house there are several restaurants where you can stop for a delicious and inexpensive lunch or dinner. During corporate events or workshops in accordance with pre-agreed terms, lunches and dinners serving is possible within the Guest-house premises. Food is delivered by the catering company and served by the Guest-house personnel.

  • Sauna with jacuzzi

    For physical but also mental relaxation sauna and jacuzzi are available at the basement. Its use for 2 hours (by 1-4 persons) is charged with 20 euros. The price covers only energy consumption and therefore is exclusively for use of our clients.

  • Fitness & massage

    Our priority is to make our clients feel at their best and leave us feeling fully satisfied with an interest to come back again, which cases are becoming more and more common. Use of fitness and games room is free for our clients at any time of the day with respect to the night silent hours.

  • Outlook tower

    Breathtaking view of the whole panorama of the Tatra Mountains, you can enjoy not only some rooms balconies, but in particular from the tower, which is part of the gazebo located in the area.